Stage 3

Personal Water Survival and Swimming Stroke Development Skills
Entries & Exits

  • Perform a stride/straddle entry

Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Demonstrate sculling in a horizontal position for 10 seconds with arms only
  • Demonstrate the ability to change direction on command
  • Demonstrate reverse action

Underwater skills

  • In chest deep water swim through hoops on pool bottom 2 metres apart.

Movement / Swimming / Strokes

  • Swim 50m continously
  • 25m using either Breaststroke or Front- Crawl
  • 25m using either Backstroke or Survival Backstroke

Survival & Activity skills

  • Swim wearing clothing for 25m
  • Demonstrate ability to correctly fit a PFD in the water

Rescue Skills

  • Throw a flotation aid to a partner at 3m distance and instruct to kick to the edge
  • Perform a reach rescue using a rigid aid and pull a partner to safety

SwimSafer Stage 3 Knowledge

  • Principles of personal survival